Tuesday, August 02, 2005

How Bengs & Lians Fight Verbally

1. "maybie euu all n0 parents larhxx.. pity euu all l0rx..."
Let's face reality. Maybe in your fairytale you emerged from a seed. But in the real world, if your parents didn't bring you here, then who did? Then again, they're most probably too dumb to use the word Orphans.

2. "g0 beep yUr mama lahx..."
Beep beep beep! Blow a whistle at her? Sorry my mom ain't no soccer or netball player. If there was anybody I wanted to BEEP at, I would BEEP at you twits. You're WAY out of the human league. Gaah.

3. "g0 h0ng kAn larx..."
According to The Coxford Singlish Dictionary (Yes I browse thru that, how else would I know what you twits actually mean?),

Hong Kan
A very rude Hokkien phrase meaning, "asking for it". Literally, "wanting to be fucked"

Direct translation, "g0 want to get fucked larx..." Urm no no thanks. Heh. I've got my daRLinkKs Pring and HVV. They can satisfy me. Hah.

4. "fcuk n0rsSs...``"
Try using an English profanity for a change? Heh. But still refuse to spell properly? What in the world is FCUK, unless you were referring to that name brand? Ahaha. But I'm not. Fuck you! Yes. FUCK YOU.

5. "dUnn0 h0w tuh wryte de w0rd "DIE" ish it??"
Spelling errors detected.
Even if it was spelt correctly, the sentence structure is totally wrong.

So who are you to correct our english? TELL ME.

And come on, so what if I know how to write and so what if I don't? In this case, "DIE" is such an easy word to be written, be it in English, Chinese(si4), Malay(mati), or Tamil, I'd gladly write that out if you ask me to.

6. "KNN CCB LAR..."
After hours of decoding, I finally realise it meant
Kan Nin Na Bu Chao Chee Bye

Once again from my handy Coxford Singlish Dictionary...

The rudest phrase of all. Use only if you wished to be beaten up or want other people to think you were raised in a longkang. Literally : "Fuck your mother's smelly cunt."

>;D I didn't say anything! *Wei's angel halo appears* And MOT isn't that bad. We don't go around jioing people who scold "KNN CCB LAR!" out for a one on one fight. We merely talk about them. Heh.

Most of them only know how to scold in Hokkien or associate their rebuttals with the issue SEX, 99% of the time incest. Not to be mean, but that might be what their parents did. Oh wait. Are their Dads really their dads? Maybe they're the twits' brothers afterall. Why do you think their mind seems a lil' screwed anyway. That's a possibility.

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