Friday, July 29, 2005


I had a terrible stomachache! Must be the kway 'chup' from anonymous's sister who chups.

Out of habit, I grabbed a newspaper from the table and proceeded into spending quality time in the washroom.

"Boring articles..." I thought. But I was wrong. I saw something... something so scary... that it made my shit rush all the way upwards, swerving back and forth, left and right in my large intestines, squeezing their way up my small intestines, undigesting in my stomach, up my throat and finally i puked out those disgustingly beautiful vomit!

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In english : Schoolgrounds Paparazzi Issue
Each week's champion will be able to get $100 cash.
Different category each week.
Please send your MMS together with your particulars to 98802400
Theme this week : SUNNYGIRLS
Results announced!!!

Apparently they only picked the 4 that "barely made it"
Warning : make sure you aren't browsing the site with your laptop on your lap while sitting on the toiletbowl trying to gek the sai out of yourself. MOT shall not be responsible if your laptop gets soiled with your own vomit







And this week's $100 cash goes to...

I'm sure she must be thinking ,"w0ahs...cr0wn w0rs...sh0 kawaii kEkExXx! aNd g0Rt $100 gO tIsH fAsHi0N f0r sh0ppiNg spReE lErx!"

Did you go What The Fuck!? I did. 10 times, in fact. Or was it more? I lost count.

I was expecting to see those 'rich in Vitamin-D' (In case you didn't know, UV rays from the sun convert ergosterol into Vitamin D) girls with tanned skin, or at least carry the sporty look.
But come on, look at those photos. The first one? That picture is so DARK, how the fuck do you call that SUNNY?! Pring actually thought the second one was not soooo bad, but still quite bad. The third one should have waited longer for the "SCARIEST EYES" contest to commence. I bet she'd have a really great chance of winning. As for the winner... man. I'd only say the judges are either cock-eyed or blind.

To participate in the contest, you have to send in your photo via MMS. Which means they were most probably taken by handphone cameras. And what does it mean? SELFSHOT PHOTOS. I have the sudden urge to puke again, god.

hee 009

Ooh. So taking a picture with a lil' bit of sunlight reflecting on your face, you can qualify to be a SunnyGirl? If that's the case, I think there's someone else who deserves the hundred bucks more than you funny looking big eye dope.

You can't possibly get anymore sunlight than me! >;D BAHAHA!

Excellent, love it! » »
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