Sunday, July 24, 2005

Life Is Full Of Challenges, or not?

Life is full of challenges. I just have to decide whether or not to face it.

orange shirt guy: na ... tats our private life ... none of ur biz ... juz remember tml nite ... come if u dare ... 8pm SHARP ... between mac n chinablack .. c u there .. tata

Since Mr Orange Shirt Guy(aka Mr OSG in the next paragraph on) has cordially invited me down to The Macdonalds Beside Chinablack to get a full view of his hAnds0me jAp aNd sTyLe(quoted from his girl, how could I possible think of that?) body. It's my honour to make a personal trip down.

As said in + `gh3y littl3 pynk tagb0arddie` +, Mr OSG declared that he would be down at Macdonalds having his dinner at 8 with his pig dog friends, with his damn l337 Evolution Lancer 8 parked neatly along the road.

So there I was, early in the evening 7pm, outside Chinablack, awaiting for his arrival.
Nope, No sign of any guy wearing an orange shirt with ugly coloured hair.

I swear I was sincere about meeting him. I even saved a piece of Roasted Duck Wrapped In Popiah Skin for him. I got it specially from Parco Bugis Junction Food Festival.

But I got tired of waiting and ate it anyway. A piece of duck is nothing for his fully packed pocket.

Thinking there was time to spare, I decided to take a stroll to FarEast. See what surprises I got for everyone ;)

polka dotted cloth belt

shrinked jacket

These are some other photographs I have in my collection.

shocking pink pullover, white netball lookalike skit, fake vondutch leather bag

respect 100% pmk shirt (pic too blur due to her ass shaking too vigorously)

Soon it was 7.30pm. Being late is rude. So I started to head back.

Saw this freaking tall Ang Moh.


And you people were saying " kns ! ang moh pai buay kan de sia ! " Think again.

Time check 7.45pm. Ooo. I'm anticipating for his arrival.

Then it was 8pm.

It's really 8pm!

I walked around, in search of Mr OSG. Nope, no sign of any ugly boy in an orange shirt or any pathetic Evolution Lancer 8 as well. Yawns

I think he got attracted by the yoga classes being advertised in the litte tent outside Pacific Plaza. Yoga is more healthy than clubbing. ;)

How ungentleman of him to make me wait. hMpHxXx!

I was disappointed. I have thought of so many topics to discuss with him about. The beauty of Vitamin C in oranges, how to create disgusting hairstyles.

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