Monday, July 25, 2005

just a quickie

people, please do not blame Anonymous for flooding at my tagboard with nonsense. I can explain for him.

have pity on him. he's such an innocent child. getting all happy and entertained over one mistake that I've made. Yes it seems silly. But it means alot to his little brain.

yes he has an deprived childhood. no friends, no aquaintance and perhaps no parents. there has been nobody in his life to tell him jokes and story. that is why he made such a big hooha out of a name of a car.

What a joke: i need more jokes .. can you provide me with some ?? ... how about Subaru WRX , and you call it as NISSAN WRY ??? ...HAHA

see. he's so retarded that he thinks THAT is funny. when most of us would think that THAT sorta crap isn't even worth reading. but we read it alright. because we are kind people, giving him the attention he seeks.

What a joke: come on .. dun change the topic .. we are talking about evo 8 , not tagboarding .. face it .. U LOSE THIS TIME

seriously, he's very pitiful. a small brain like his can't handle situations very well. that's why he insist on sticking to the Evo 8 topic. poor chap.

in fact, we should all thank him. thank him for spending time to be OUR joke.

he thinks we're 16. why? most probably because he's 16.

What a joke: sorry ... i aint have the time to listen to your reason cos you peeps are pushing the blame to one another ... there is no COORDINATION ... you lost .. KO .. BYE

i don't see my readers pushing blame to one another. i wonder what you have been reading. hmmm. perhaps your eyes have no coordination. must be. because you can't even tell that I CAMRY was the one who did the previous post. poor thing.

please, please get this clear. the whole point about the previous post, isn't about a pathetic EVOLUTION LANCER 8 (oops i did it again. but so what?) It's about a pathetic guy wearing a orange shirt whom had dared me to go down but didn't turn up himself.

other than YOU mr, no one is making a big hooha out of it. Who's being the joke?

sorry guys ... u guys made a terrible mistake le ..

WOAH. if this is a terrible mistake, i wonder what is the kind of mistake that your parents made for having you. WOAH. can't imagine.

I always get the last laugh. So proud of myself. Be proud of me. Hah.

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