Thursday, July 21, 2005


I'm happy... :D

I'm sad... :(

I'm fucking angry! >:(

I'm evil... >;D

I'm shocked... :O

Simple symbols on a keyboard can express so many expressions and feelings of mine.

I've seen many copy-and-paste pictures of girls in their neoprints and self-shot portraits. Their ugly smile is so prominent. =D =D =D =D =D Its just the same face different photo.

But this is the first time I've seen these sort O.O (please take note of his photo captions)

act cute ...

blur blur ...

May I help you ???

moody ...

stunned ... pic taken 15-7-05

These are what I call - moodphotos. They are taken to show your different kind of expressions. They're similiar to those in MSN, a stupid smiley face saying, "FEELING - MOODY" , "FEELING - DEAD". Thus they're being labelled for the different mood it represents.

Yes his photos are labelled, BUT THEY FIT THE EXPRESSION MEH? They all looked the same to me. Does he look like this when he feels constipated? Imagine that face on him when he's sitting on the toilet bowl trying to force the shit out of his asshole.

You might have thought that I have actually posted 4 similar pictures and just to make fun of him. To prove that I am not, please take a look at picture5. Different clothing, same boring face.
I'm not exaggerating, am I?

If he was a girl, I don't think anyone would have realise that he was having a moodswing. =/

P.S. He is the self-proclaimed Orange Shirt Guy. We gave him a nicer nick though, Mr OSG. :)

fuck u gay ass hole
anonymous is probably Mr. OSG himself. :o
what a gay faggot.
this guy's what the designers of paul frank based their designs on LOL
ha! he looks fugly in all of em'. mb he's got the chee bye face.
rofl. i nearly fell off my seat. yes they look totally the same.. or are my eyes playing tricks on me? so pls MOT, dont put those freak's pictures anymore or else i will have a heart attack. i have a weak heart u noe?
nice blOg =] I WANT MORE =]
erm, can i ask is he a guy or a girl? that person looks like a freak.
I was out searching for free ass pic and ended up here. Not exactly what I wanted about, but had some good links. So thanks much and off I go.
omg this sick bastard makes me faint
omg this sick bastard makes me faint
that`s a guy ? ohmytian .
OH MY GOD, he is such a act cute piece of shit. can give me his address so as to whack him up?
suck some dick u freaking dickhead
Dude...that's nice. And, I thought gays are worthless freakos. Wait, is that a girl or a guy...or omfg is he a bi?
lawls . okaye this sure is funny. but isnt the guy gna be hurt reading all ure comments o.O im sure he didnt take his pics for u to swear at. mayb he just doesnt realise his mistake ... lol . everything is funny on mot anw, anyhow... byebye gtta mug for tmrs test ~ stupid mot !! got me hooked ..nw 10.10 pm -.= hw to study. juz jk . mot nt stupid ... haha
OH MY GOD I KNOW THIS FELLA! i think he had botox. LOL made him expressionless. and he's not gay lah. he just decided to go for the girl thing to pluck the brow, pierce the nose, maybe put on some foundation as well. HAHAHA! Nonetheless, he a tad bit fag lah!
wth man.. is dat realli a guy...? still cnt blif sia.. n i feel dat his hair is so absolutely suitable fer e gatsby ad when dey sae" when yer happi n yer noe it clap yer hair. clap clap." it toattly freaks me out when i see guys acting so gayish..
So let me get this straight. He comes to the camera, took a few pictures of his expressionless faces and off he goes, putting captions? No wonder he puts the captions.
Plus. 'fuck u gay ass hole'. Um...I pity the letter 'u' wasn't meant to be fucked. Ass hole. For all this time, I thought I know it's asshole not, ass hole. Plus, I bet that anonymous dude probably was the one who is gay. Appearently, he wanted to fuck a guy.
How interesting is it that these 4 words have so much errors.
Let me see. Wake up and get a life. This is reality.
WTH? all the same mah. only the head tilt abit here and abit there. no difference. he looks like a gay with his golden long hair.
lol,he look like unisex like that.maybe he was changing his gender halfway..
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