Saturday, July 30, 2005


va·gi·na ( P ) (v-jn)n. pl. va·gi·nas or va·gi·nae (-n)

  1. Anatomy.

2. Botany. A sheathlike structure, such as the leaf of a grass that surrounds a stem.

That, is a vagina. And basically, that pretty much sums up my introduction. Alright I guess it won't die to tell you more about myself. Afterall, it isn't an everyday thing you see a vagina lying around, much less blogging.

Believe it or not, I used to be a pornstar. Well, a cameo for a porn flick actually. C'mon, don't roll your eyes. They pay well and you get to have multiple orgasms, what else can a vagina ask for? My life was a wreck, taking up a few gigs every 3 months or so, juggling odd-jobs in between. I managed to pull through with a monthly income of peanuts, and I don't mean the $600,000 peanuts. I meant literally peanuts.

I ceased existance when the porn company closed down and no one else wanted to hire a vagina. I had a pretty solid voice but the recording label rejected me since they didn't exactly know how to package a vagina.

That was when MOT came into the picture. They came knocking on my door and said I was exactly the one they were looking for. They said that I was The One. I was pretty skeptical about it in the first place, but then I remembered how my vagina mother once told me that I was special and different from everybody. I had to be, The One.

Well I'm no fool. I've catched The Matrix and I know The One kicks ass real hard. I just don't take the idea of getting a dildo-sized machine shoved up my brain, since vaginas usually take the shape of.. yeah you get my point.

And voila. The Happy Valley Vagina is a new addition to the MOT crew. This is my real identity, I'm seriously just a vagina. So if any of you twits get offended by my posts next time, remember this - you just got dissed by a vagina.

One more thing. MOT has never made this official, so let's make it official now. The Retard Petrol is an affliation of MOT. Yeah, its official now. dotxx. OMG ITS SO HARD TO BE NEW HERE.

Well, just to whet your appetite for more of HAPPY VAGINA VALLEY, here's a little something that I would like to call "What Singapore's sunny weather did to our men." The pictures are rather self explanatory, so yeah.


Someone needs a good spanking.


what the fuck ... are those two chee bye kia acting cute??

what the fuck .. look at their fingers .. i feel like chopping it off .. it completely disgust me ..

his captions should be " Hallo .. wan suck my finger ?? .. or you prefer to suck my cock???"
they are the same person. hello?
just indicating how many balls he has.
homosexuality is on the rise in singapore. time for the gahmen to legalise anal sex between men. especially those who like to act kawaii nehX.
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