Friday, July 08, 2005

The Better Artist

Camry and I were feeling over energetic on a nothing-better-to-do Friday, hence we randomly got a picture of a very pretty girl and decided to challenge each other and see who could come up with a better portrait. The loser would have to treat the other to a meal at Marche yet, he cannot eat. You wouldn't want that to the handsome Pring, right? So you have to vote for me! If I win (which apparently I will), I'll offer you my top quality service. ;) *wInKz*

I would like to emphasise that we genuinely meant no harm in wanting to insult anyone in this entry. Yes, sounds like we're lying, but no. OK? :)

Both pieces of work are drawn by hand. No computer effects, especially not photoshop.

Pring's Masterpiece
Click For Larger Size

Original Photo
Click For Larger Size

Camry's white paper with pencil mark
Click For Larger Size

What Pring has to say:
Come on my admirers! If you love me, vote for me! Don't lie, because you will be banished to Hell. The 18th level in fact! It's obvious that mine is the masterpiece, and hers is just a piece of bull. hEex`~ vOte 4 mE wOrX! jIaYoU xIaOpRiNg oHhss!! ^^

What Camry has to say:

Go on and vote right now!

hmm what happened to your posts?haha blog more about those kind of girls.=)
anyway,i recommand you to this album.this girl here likes to take photos like what you guys usually blog about.she likes to tilt her head or do some funny funny things to her head,and she adds captions which are pretty much rubbish.
blog more!haha,i'm going to vote for your blog!

here is the album url:

and her blog url is:
hahaha. sorry dude but i vote for pring. but i think both your drawing skills rock:)
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