Saturday, May 14, 2005

Meow. Woof. Hiss.

Damn. Been ages since this place was even logged in. Got alittle busy polishing Pring's balls.
During these period of time, I visited 2 of my animal friends. In chinese, they are known as 畜牲. Which describe them as living things that doesn't know manners and they actually do incest.

Of course I didn`t visit them without a purpose. I've managed to find out a 畜牲 lurking around us as a disguise of a human being.

From the popular 3D animated movie, Sharktale. Even if you've never watched it I'm sure you know about the idiotic-shark-whom-painted-itself-blue-to-become-a-dolphin,


Mie ish lenny. See mie sh0 cute 0hs!

Of course, being so idiotic, Lenny has decided to disguise as a human being this time.

hees. mie t0ld eu mie ish kawaii lers~~!

He even went to the extent of

Thinking that it has found a new face, Lenny decided to change its name -huixian-.
Lenny is currently putting up in a pool in ___`www00dlands *___ and during school hours, he spends his time swimming about in nyp____`_, which I soon figured out to be Nanyang Polytechnic. He has spent all his money on make ups, eyeliners, and clothings. I'm actually quite surprised at how he managed to spent all his money on cheap clothings? Imagine the amount he has bought.

Lino, Lenny's dad has sent troops to attack on the bimbo infesterd Singapore. Dear Nanyang Polytechnic students, please save our country from suffering this fate. Please do keep a lookout in your school for this Lenny aka -huixian-. If spotted, do contact Sentosa's Underwater World at
Phone: +65-6275-0030
Fax: +65-6275-0036

Next up, I'm going to introduce you to a animal which is commonly found in the equatorial forest -- Parrots! This time, prepare yourself for double the fun and double the excitement! Twin Twits!

Lets play a game shall we? Spot the Difference!

Round 1


Round 2


Meanwhile, the game has created quite a commotion and attract... Parrots?

"another set of parrot twins?"

Round 3


Round 4 (its more of a hair color thing)


Alright, I tricked you guys. They aren't twins at all. But their actions, poses, self-shot photos are all so identical! I wonder what will they say if they met one another.

"look like me sia! lets be hiadi come!"
"wahlao eh! your hair sibei stylo ah!"
"eh blader, your hair toh loh dye wan ah?"
"chao chee bye!! why you copy my hair color?!!?"
"knn that feller look like me sia..."

I wonder.

the guy at bottom named leonard
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