Thursday, April 21, 2005

Holy Shit

Hmm.. Do I have to? Well, I guess so. Camry said she won't return me my balls if I don't update... so for the sake of my BALLS, FINE!

Today's spotlight is shown onto I know, the URL itself already more or less gives you an impression that it will not be a blog worth reading... but, I entered it anyway.

Being the usual lazy me, I shall extract the funny things she said.. but I'm just too LAZY to include the dates.. so bear with me.

haha, i do understand how annoying it is to haf unwanted music at ur ears when u enter a page(fer the minority), butttt, i'll add it anyway. =)
This is a good example of "as stubborn as a mule". You jolly well know it's unpleasant, even though it applies to a minority, yet, you add it. Worse still, that was not called MUSIC. It's only MIDI, and it's really the most annoying kind of unwanted music. Mind you!

Friday, January 28, 2005
we've broken up. call me a bitch, but i don't want to continue lying. it's not as if i want things to happen like that. it's not up to me to control. morning 10am, i opened de door. i found a bag of things at my doorstep. cant help but cry and wish the one i like was him.. but no.. i need time. lots of time.

If you wanna track things down, you can. This gloriousshit and her boyfriend was only in a relationship for how many months? I'm not sure... but definitely not more than 3. Sheesh... What's wrong with little teenagers these days?

i hate to use tis word. but im procrastinating. okokey, tml. tml. im so tired today.
Contradiction. I love to see contradicting people. You hate it, yet you insist on using it. Yay, why? Oh, cos that's probably the only word you know to explain you're procrastinating. Even my 5-year-old neighbour knows how to use the thesaurus already. She went to search for the meaning of dolt, and guess what?

Main Entry: dolt
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: stupid
Synonyms: airhead, ass, blockhead, bobby, boob, chump, clod, dimwit, dodo, dope, dork, dumbbell, dumdum, dunce, fool, goon, idiot, ignoramus, lamebrain, lunkhead, meathead, nitwit, oaf, sap, simpleton, stupe, yo-yo

den we go mosssburger eat, den got ppl wan take no. erh, gave fer fun. nvr reply ler.. im not tt kind of .... if tt person dun look decent enuff to me, den... suan le. and one thing. i hate guys hu ask gers fer number. lol.
Mossburger. I wonder if her fingers were numb at that time as she typed, explaining the loooooooonggggggggg wordsssssssssssssss.. Or, she was unsure of how to spell Mos Burger. Anyway, gave for fun? For fun? Maybe you need a lesson to understand the danger of giving away your phone number FOR FUN. If I could, I would ask your number from that guy you hate for asking you your number(or unless you're not a girl ) and spam your number for fun. :) Contradiction detected again.. You hate guys who ask girls for numbers... yet you love to give it to them, or at least- the decent ones. I wonder how decent that guy is if he goes around asking girls for numbers. And I wonder... (I can't stop wondering, you know.)

Wednesday, February 09, 2005
We are still young, I am. like a normal teenager, I love crowds, love gatherings, love to shop till im broke, love wasting money on every single movie that comes out like any normal girl, I love clothes, i wan money, i wan to doll up, i want to go out to the world n see wat's out there.
i like to meet pple hu enjoys good music, appreciates nice music, and plays wonderful music. i'd like to meet pple hu can write nice songs, i reali admire dem alot. i like pple hu frequent orchard road often. i like pple hu can make me laugh. i love to haf fun, i love be to be loved.

You know, I was stuck when I read the "i like pple hu frequent orchard road often." part. I mean... huh? Why don't you like those who don't frequent orchard road often? Or would you narrow it down to, "i like pple hu frequent PMK, NWO often." I'll understand why.

i helped yichun to spray the colour, haha, veri nice. thank me leh. ^_^ everyone said it was nice~ i love pleasant things, especially when I'm involved.
I don't know why I just felt abit revolted when I had to read this paragraph.

I went shopping ma two pairs of ear rings from heeren, a pair of slippers n two skirts frm far east, I'm so glad the money's gone from my wallet. spent like 70 plus today.
I must admit, she's such a smart shopper! Bought so many things for youself... yet they all total up to a 70+ only? Wow.. that's pretty incredible. Were they on offer? Or you too good at bargaining? Haha. If I had to buy those stuff, I bet they would cost more than 70... how much does a pair of slippers cost already. Mine was 20 at least.. That would leave me 50 for 2 skirts and 2 pair of earrings, let's say I was a girl. Sheesh.. I never thought that would be enough. I thought 50 would be enough for a skirt only. Well... I'm not as good at shopping.. Girls.. Girls.. Girls... Or let me say it again.. Bimbos... Bimbos... Bimbos...

Friday uh, there was some conflict between hs and m. It was sum kind of verbal attack, n yar,i dun wanna comment too much, cuz i cant judge. I hate unpleasant things, especially if someone I like is responsible.
Why do I feel like laughing?
Haha. Previously she said, "I like pleasant things." Now, "I hate unpleasant things." Well.. It sounds abit stupid doesn't it? Does anyone say, "I like unpleasant things." and "I hate pleasant things." Ohh... Maybe.

went paktor wiff yichun!! but he kept mentioning some other girls during our date. come on la, im a girl, talk to me about shuaiges, im not interested in gurls. although the one in the mirror looks pretty attractive,kk,jus jk. lol,
That sounds so...... save me, oh God! What else can I say about this? It just left me at a loss of words. Or is there still one word to sum it all up: Shameless.

we went to watch ... wat? errr.. oh, boogeyman. it was below averge kind of movie. bUtbUtbUt. series of unfortunate event was worse! can u imagine how !@#$ lemony snicket is? It's bOoooo.
I hate to disagree with the idea. Lemony Snicket is a great author, and it's just YOU who is too thick to understand the story. The whole movie was filmed with great photography and style, unlike Boogeyman. Hey, wake up your idea! :)

and, juz now, weibin called and asked if i wanted to go to sentosa with dem. no and no, I'll nvr go out wif dem, cuz it's so degrading. they dun even speak my language.
Now what? How do you look down on your own friends? I'm pretty glad they don't speak your language... they are not as full of contradictions unlike you. I hope they weren't reading your blog because if they did... Imagine how upset they would be.

I go for looks, although I know they deceive. I go for wealth, even if that may fade one day. I have my reasons. I can't put myself in your shoes, because, I just can't.
Just for infomation purpose, I wear un-cheap (in other words expensive) shoes, sneakers, boots, sandals, whatever. And NOT cheap-pasa-malam-priced-slippers. Even if you wanted to put yourself into my shoes, I wouldn't let that happen. I'll probably had to scrub it clean for another era.

After a while, she learnt, the difference between holding a hand, and falling in love.
After this post, I learnt, the difference between a human being, and mutated being.

Yesterday, I realise that I don't have a very good attitude after all. I always thought I was a nice person and I can talk to people nicely.
Its never too late to realise that, even though you might have already scared the fuck out of everyone that you meet. I'm typing this post with my last breath in the Museum Of Twits ICU... *Groans in disgust I feel sick...

Realised I've changed my skin to this plain white background with black fonts? It's to allow me to write in peace. And for you to read in peace TOO. It's time for me to grow up too, cute skins aren't suitable fer me anymore, (ALTHOUGH I NOE IM STILL CUTE)
Yes yes yes. OBVIOUS contradiction. What's up with "time to grow up" versus "I'm still cute"?
Little girl, changing blog skins doesn't make you grow up. Only changing your diapers will. What are you waiting for? Pampers? Huggies?

To be able to write well and convey your thoughts to people of average intelligence, you use small words to express big meanings. Bombastic words don't work all the time, and one thing: It doesn't impress me. at all. :)
"Small words" are for small brained people. Every now and then, the museum restricts to 'small words' for easier comprehension, because smart people like you tend to hang around our blog flooding the tagboard with 'teeny weeny words'. Explains why.

lol. The owner of is gone? Where's the blog gone to.
Gone, but I still have some of her entries here for her. :p
er whats are small words anyway? haha small font maybe?

surprised someone like her even attempts to hide her shallowness, makes it even more obvious.
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