Sunday, April 10, 2005


There's so many people missing us already. So touched.

Mr. Pring refused to do this writeup even though I threatened him with my razor. He claimed that he'd rather let me cut his wrists than see her photos. So what can I do? If he is unwillingly to do it, who shall do it? :) I sacrifice... l0rS..

I don't mean to be mean.. oh wait, maybe I do. But wait.. what the *beep*.

a pack of lie iiu said tu moii `

This is her primary photo, which means that's the first picture you see and have to click before you can view her other photos. At first, I still thought she might not have been so bad. But, BUDDHA-SITTING-ON-A-LOTUS HELP ME! I regret! Blame it on my itchy hand...
Well, what pack of lie did I say to her anyway? She's the one who said a pack of lies. Cheated my feelings. To think I could see someone who wouldn't make me get sore eyes. =(

ii tolerate nw.. iiu gonna regret laterr onn `

I also must tolerate now... I'm gonna puke later on. God!

Right... so let's cross our fingers and step into her blog to get to know her better. :) I wasn't very eager to strain my eyes to figure out what the *beep* she's typing.. but I did put in some effort to try figure out what crap I could dig out from there.. and look!

BOYY ` II LURBB IIU ..i habe totallie fergert wads lifee abt.. 172 dayy.. imishhiiu

I wonder how her BOYY looks like... If you told me they looked compatible, then I assume her BOYY looks like William Hung. Good for her, with such a face, she can actually feel confident enough to get into a relationship. If I were her, I'd probably stay at home all day and not want to get out of my house unless necessary. I would never want to get caught by the police for looking too ugly, or worse still, receive uneasy stares from passerbys. I don't mean anything, but, well, I just don't want the world to suffer because of me if I looked like that.

imm uglie ` sho shoo off `

Alright... so what's up with the caption, eh? If you really feel you're ugly, then you probably ought to spare a thought for everyone and pretend you have no pictures of your own. If you really feel ugly (yes i'm emphasising on this), then don't post your picture for us to see! The more you think you're ugly, the more you shouldn't be posting your pictures. If you think you're ugly, well, you probably are. What can be more beautiful than confidence?

Now, let's look (and laugh) at her testimonials!
LubxLesS, 1/27/2005:

+. Hey miN... baO bEi nU eR~
+. Tis ish wo de bAo bEi nu eR...

Okok, this is enough to send me laughing nonstop for 3 minutes. First thought that ran through my tortured mind, "HAHAHA! LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER"! It's in the genes! Sheesh, Lynn admits to being *beep*ed at such an early age. She's only... 15 if my memory still serves me well. I think her poor husband got too shocked by the fact that his baby looked that way and has run away as far as he possibly could.

Here's another:
bendan IV 4/5/2005

thanx forr e testii arx. ha. hMmx.
shes -
a ah lian

Duh. I thought there are so many issues about ah lians.. Her friend admits she is an ahlian..... lol. That's so stupid and lol-able. Don't blame me for labelling her as LIAN (I know she's delighted that she finally ruined her image well enough to be labelled as that). Her friend did, I'm just being a copycat and calling her what her friend calls her. If you don't want me to follow, then alright, I'll label her with a nicer name. "Low-class bitch." How about that? :) Sounds more refined, doesn't it. Haha. I'm just joking.

WAIT AGAIN. She calls herself a bitch in her profile anyway.
"imma farrkiingg attitude biitchh"
Tell me, how could I degrade her further when she herself has degraded herself to the lowest?

look at moii in wadeva angle iiu wan
i wun gibe a farrkiingg damn nemorr

xiaoshiine akka dangerous
depise moii ` ]] *

Look at these.. Why am I wrong to feature her today? :)
Anyway, it was someone who requested us to write about her, so I'm just trying to do him a favour by fulfilling his wish. And what's more? She doesn't mind. She even said "depise moii", which I wrecking my brains for a while came to a hypothesis, "depise" over here probably meant DESPISE, and moii is commonly used by those "cUtEStErS" as ME anyway. So, if xiaoshiine wants people to despise her, let's do it. I'll be fulfilling two peoples' wishes then.

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The way she speaks amuses me :'D
I'll be damned if I can recall seeing anyone who's uglier than that. That's pretty rockbottom for ugliness and the way she writes suits her face. Got to go puke now.
even pat mok looks better than THAT.
believe it or not. she's not the worst i've seen! HAHAH!

amazingly, i kinda know someone who calls herself xiia0(something) a.k.a dangerouss too. hahah!

and this girl is way better than that xiia0(something).

but i really laughed my ass out just by reading this post.

good one!
these kinda people make me not wanna live anymore):
now thats a monstrosity.
biggest JOKE i ever saw. ROFLMAO.
good job done (:
Lol! Contradictions again. WTF!!! i wonder if she meant "depise" as de-piss or something.
lol u are so funny
she's so ugly she makes ugly people look pretty.
lols!! wtf... she's a bitch man. if she realli dinks dat she's dat damn ugly, den dun put her pic dere fer gdness sake... her face is so toatlly suckky...blechs...
OKay....she's creeping the fuck out of me. I mean, she doesn't even look dangerous as if I'm gonna clutch my heart till it bleeds. No wait, I'd rather do that. She's like....oh my freakin' God. She really makes me laugh. I would rather say she looks stupid instead of dangerous. I bet she's so full of herself. Urgh.
Sialah...this girl. Claims to be dangerous but will you look at that. She pretends to be cute. How annoying. Eww....get that deformed creature away from me.
eewww yuks.... disgusting... let me puke now... arggh...
"i habe totallie..."

if she spoke german, "habe" would have been gramatically correct!

urgh. I think they can start a whole new language.
Three words.

What the Fuck.
OMG!!This girl is so like disgusting me!!
twits like these should feel humiliated.
but for some reason,they take great pride in degrading themselves
but it can't be helped if thats the case.
they are very ''humble'' cant blame them for practising ''moral values''
Wow.That's pretty ugly.
I must admit, though it might be funny, it does get a lil' disturbing knowing that people are being made fun of to such an extent.
Btw, it's "passers-by".
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wow you guys who are saying ppl are ugly.. i wonder how perfect you look like? oh, one a mule, another a pig and the rest ......oh monkeys.. wow! we have a bunch of animals in blogspot! God! i must get the reporters here!!!
No she is dangerous. I almsot got a heart attack jsut by looking at her swelled up deformed ass. Wait a minute, that was her face.
this is one of the funnier posts you guys have typed :) thanks in no small way to her fugly pictures
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