Thursday, March 31, 2005

What's a Twit?

We've got guests! There you have in my tagboard, ....... and anonymous. I shall referto them as Ms Dot and Ms Unknown. I seriously don't think they are males. But if they are,what faggots.

Ms Dot said, "whatever you think la..say things like that and u peeps willsay i'm a twit..i think camry is the beat example for a twit.."

To clear up the messy confusion everyone has here, let me explain what makes a Twit.

1) Superb typing skills. Twits have amazingly mastered their pathetic little brains to control their fingers to type with alternate caps. I'd suggest they stop doing that else their poor brain will explode soon.

2) Weird mentality. Somehow, twits tend to think very differently from most homo-sapiens. They call it CREATIVITY. They enjoying habouring ideas of creating pink dancing thongs as toys for toddlers so that Singapore's population would be flooded with them in future! They're just waiting for the right chance to launch into the market. But unfortunately, their ancestor's inheritance have been squandered by them lavishly.

3) Spastic sense of answering questions. Each time they're engaged in a topic, twits have a fetish to make irrelevant comments such as "dogs lyk euie all r sho disobedient, stp tis nonsence!" when we were simply discussing about the importance of English.

By the way, if I'm a dog, I'll be busy screwing a bitch.
And if I were to find one, that'll be you, Ms Anonymous.
On second thought, I would not risk myself into getting Gonorrhea that your mom has passed to you when she screwed your greatgrandfather.

4) Attention grabbers. Twits love attention. And that's what we're here for. Twits would resort to any methods just to get attention, such as using their ever whiney voice to scream at an ant 10 metres away.

Museum of Twits 10m

Beware Of Screaming Chippie

But times has become so bad that they have to steal attention now. Ms Anonymous, who has identified herself as Cindy's friend, is obviously jealous of all the attention Cindy is getting. And so she has come upon our sacred board to divert all attention to her. Ms Dot is also feeling that pang of jealously, thus starts to divert our attention to herself too. Gaaaah. This is so confusing.

5) Horrible language. A very prominent factor of a twit. You will never spot them without lehs, lors and lahs in their sentences. Most of the time its incomprehensible. Thanks to the fact that we proper homo-sapiens have the ability to analyse and digest infomation, we've cleverly outwitted them. That is, WE are able to understand what they say; but their mutilated brains are unable to understand our language.

forget it, euie tis kinda of ppl r hard to interact wif,dunnit to use cheem english to de miie , i noe i`m nt good inenglish ...

The wonder of Languages.
English with Chinese would be "wo men ish..."
English with Hokkien would be "they ji siao me lor"
English with Malay would be "my boifren lagi yandao"

6) Contradiction. Twits are always contradicting with their own words and actions.
From Ms Anonymous "euie tink i gif a darm to wad euie all toking abt? stp ur nonsence!"

If she doesn't give a DARM (from what I concluded to be DAMN) to what we've posted, she wouldn't be posting like a mad spastic in our board. She wouldn't even have spent time reading and conclude to herself that it is nonsence (yes its nonsense, she can't spell)

7) No mind of their own.

Quoted from Ms Dot
23:08:31pm "stop it la all want then talk about cindy tt slut..don't say others la.."
23:11:50pm "i don't like cindy want..that is why i'm here.."
23:19:09pm "i think it is you people who are wasting time instead of the anonymous lo.. stop all your rubbish la.. you will get your retribution want lo.."
23:28:43pm "i just find it unreasonabe because anonymous is an innocent party yet you peeps are quarrelin with her.. i don't mind you talkin about others in the blog because that is what your blog is for.."
23:26:35pm "fuck off la you peeps..acts mature but infact you peeps are not at all.."

The only adjective I can think of to describe this, IRONIC. Twits can't fucking make up their minds to stick to a point.

8) Annoying. Just like what my blog says.

So who's the twit eh? *drum roll* (for the sake of other twits who still don't get it) Ms Dot and Ms Anonymous! *applause*

Oh..after reading through,you happened to be a twit.CongratS!:D
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Thats so true.So many singaporean think that they are damn stylo just by being a twit.What fools...
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HAHAHA i love this blog. It would be nice if male orchard road bastards who are wearing pink shirts, sagging jeans reaching their knees, earstuds, metal chains, long hair covering one eye, carrying handbags, tight tapered emo style jeans, wearing black eyeshadows etc etc can be addressed too. FUCK EM ALL
i agree with you.
LOL!!! enjoyed ur blog and was laughing away... the things that you've said here really describe a friend of mine! especially the screaming part!
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